Vista Icons

Here are some Vista icons I created that have been posted on CNET.


Website Redesign

I am in the process of redesigning TI Chen Associates' website. Click on the thumbnail to see some comps. ***if for some reason clicking on the thumbnail doesn't work . . . try right clicking and opening in a new window ***


Latest project

I just finished a project for the China Tomorrow Education Foundation . They had their 5th Anniversary dinner last Friday and I made their program, which they will also use as a marketing piece. Attached are three cover designs I created using pictures that one of their associates took at a school in the Yunnan province.


Long Time Gone

I've been contracting at Microsoft since just after my last post. I'm working on the UI for the new operating system, Vista, which is set to come out some time this year. I get to render lots of cools stuff in Photoshop and work on some exciting applications.

I finished up the program booklet and other print collateral for the OCA dinner. Now it seems word of my good will towards non-profits has spread and I've picked up another project for a Chinese Education Fund non-profit. Because of these projects and my fine arts projects, has been neglected for the past few months. I have some cool ideas for spicing it up . . . but I really need to work on content as well . . .

The digital camera seems to be out of operation so I won’t be able to post my fine arts projects for a while. And, of course, I’m working under some serious secrecy at Microsoft so I can’t show any of those projects . . .



I registered the name for my new website. The following are some logos that I have come up with for myself. The odd thing about making logos for myself is that sometimes I get sick of them after a while. Maybe because they are fun to make I just like reinventing myself over and over.

Anyways, I think I have hit a good concept here and so am a little more confident that this logo will last longer. If you've seen the animation that I created for my website this will make more sense, but basically the idea is that sometimes you can feel like you are swimming a fish bowl full of the same old ideas. Escape the tank and you open up a world of possibilities. Who's going to help you escape the tank?? Me of course :)

Previous Work

The following are some pieces that I haven't gotten around to posting yet. So . . . here they are . . .

The is the first page of the website I did for T.I. Chen Associates. I took the photos, designed the site and put it together in Flash, Dreamweaver and HTML. The link is to your left.

These are two spreads from the annual report (the link to the whole thing is further down in the posts). I think these spreads are interesting and gets your eye moving across the page.

This is a photograph of a bus ad I made. It was really exciting to see my work rolling along the streets of Seattle. I tried to keep it simple so that you wouldn't need a lot of time to know what it is about. I created the stethescope to prompt people that the ad is for a clinic.


Website progress

Click here to see the Flash intro for my new website. My idea is to have the sound of the glass shattering and the fish escaping in the ocean or sea. The web address would be or something like that. It's been a lot of fun to animate.