Internet ad

I designed this ad to coincide with the posters (in my first entry) hoping that when the potential applicants for the jobs went to the website, they would immediately know that they were in the right place and that other people viewing the website would be aware that there are job openings. The client liked my initiative and asked for a smaller version so that he could put it in the signature of his email. It is meant to have animation, but I'm not sure blogger allows animated gifs . . .


Poster Design

The following is a poster I designed for a going away celebration for a member of the ID Community. I believe that it was successful at drawing the viewer into the poster and also depicts the person as a rising star and sweetheart of the community.


Logo Design

I am currently working on developing a logo for a band called Fake Swedish. Here is what has been said about them:

"working a 60s UK mod/psych thing...we're talking about Rock Music that remembers a time before the fateful pop/rock schism."

-Ross Grady / Chapel Hill Music Scene

and what they say about themselves:

"we are a band that focuses mostly on songs, but we are also not afraid to dive head-first into pyschedelic improv jams. we enjoy flying by the seat of our pants onstage, and we tend to draw comparisons to late 60's psychedelic rock. that's ok with us."

They asked for a "pyschedelic" logo and I am trying to incorporate that with what I hear in their music and from their quirky name. I'm have not arrived at a final solution yet, but like the road I am going down.


I've been working on re-designing a logo for my current company recently and wanted to revisit some of the logos that I have done in the past. The two that I am going to post today are both successful in that I believe they convey the feeling of the companies, are striking and eye-catching, and are a touch fun and funky:

Also, going back to a project I have posted about before, the following is the latest design I have made for the Fake Swedish project. My project manager seems to like this one . . .