Logo Design

I am currently working on developing a logo for a band called Fake Swedish. Here is what has been said about them:

"working a 60s UK mod/psych thing...we're talking about Rock Music that remembers a time before the fateful pop/rock schism."

-Ross Grady / Chapel Hill Music Scene

and what they say about themselves:

"we are a band that focuses mostly on songs, but we are also not afraid to dive head-first into pyschedelic improv jams. we enjoy flying by the seat of our pants onstage, and we tend to draw comparisons to late 60's psychedelic rock. that's ok with us."

They asked for a "pyschedelic" logo and I am trying to incorporate that with what I hear in their music and from their quirky name. I'm have not arrived at a final solution yet, but like the road I am going down.

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