My degree is a Bachelors of Fine Arts and my major was Graphic Design. For the first two years of art school we studied the basics such as drawing, painting, and sculpture. Then the last two we focused mostly on design. (We weren't allowed to use the computer in our first design classes, instead learning the old fashioned way.) I started painting again once I had the space to set up an easel. The following are some of the projects I am working on.

This is a triptych of large pastels in the order they were created. The first started out as an amalgamation of sights from various trips I had recently taken and Seattle and turned into more of an enviromental piece. Using newspapers for buildings made them seem dirty and evoked the damage that large cities can unleash on the enviroment. I explored this theme further in the next pastel. The figure lying down symbolizes that each individual is either a contributer to pollution and enviromental disasters or a protector of nature and ecosystems. The houses in their neat rows symbolize the inorganic way that man sets up his grid and spreads out eating up land. The final piece shows that despite the neatness and perfection of our rows of houses, we find ways to self-destruct. The houses are broken in two and 'milagros' litter the ground like charms for loved ones that will never heal or reappear. In all three the figure serves to remind us that we are all responsible and that even one person can make a difference.

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