Recruitment Posters

Having decided that a blog would be the simplest and quickest way to get my work up on the internet, I have a lot of catching up to do. My plan is to update with projects I am currently working on interspersed with projects from the past. Hopefully, you will get an idea of my process and the developement of each piece.

My resume will be posted as some point to the left, but until then, a little about me . . . I studied at Boston University, School of Fine Arts in which I spent half my time on fine arts such as painting, sculpture, drawing etc, and the other half on design. I believe that this balance of education gives me a good perspective on design. Rather than relying on the computer and fancy effects, I approach problems conceptually and develope a solution that fits. Brief, but you will learn more about me later.

Now comes the first dilema, what do I put up first?

I am particularly proud of the following two pieces that I did for a tech company. The group in charge of this project wanted to play on their name and Saturday Night Live. I developed the first poster with a similar color scheme as some of the Saturday Night Live dvd covers and posters and carried that through to the second poster. By using sillouettes of people rather than an actual photo, not only is it graphically striking, but it allows the viewer to imagine him/herself as a member of the team. The writing in the background, in sanskrit, japanese, chinese, spanish etc, alludes to the diversity of the group.

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